Graham Capital Management

Founded by Kenneth G. Tropin in 1994 as a proprietary trading company, GCM is an alternative investment manager that currently manages $13 billion in total assets for a broad range of institutional and high net worth investors. GCM focuses on systematic and discretionary investment strategies in the global fixed income, currency, commodity and equity markets. GCM’s strategies are designed to produce attractive absolute and risk-adjusted returns while maintaining low correlation to traditional asset classes, as well as to other alternative strategies. The firm initially focused on managing long-term systematic trend-following models, and later developed additional systematic strategies including fundamentally-based trading models. In 1999, the firm began to develop discretionary trading strategies that today employ a diversified, multi-portfolio manager approach. The firm offers standalone systematic and discretionary trading portfolios with a variety of return and volatility objectives, as well as blended portfolios that include a combination of systematic and discretionary strategies. GCM is differentiated from other firms by its depth of experience, substantial investment in operational infrastructure, disciplined risk management, and significant proprietary capital allocated to the firm’s strategies.