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Global Volatility Summit

September 13, 2022

The 13th Annual Global Volatility Summit “GVS” took place in person Tuesday, September 13th, 2022 at Pier Sixty in New York City. Having had the last two events take place virtually, we were very excited to be able to share our thoughts on the state of the financial markets with you in person this year with a specific focus as always on volatility and derivatives. We had record attendance at this year’s event with approximately 400 attendees consisting of experienced hedge fund managers, industry experts, and senior investment professionals across the financial markets.

GVS 2022 featured thought-provoking panel discussions, educational presentations, and established keynote speakers with the goal to continue to educate investors on the use of derivatives, volatility, and quantitative strategies in institutional investor portfolios. This year’s keynote speakers included Former Secretary of Defense General James Mattis, Former Member of the UK Special Forces, Dominic Troulan, and writer and journalist, Mark Bowden. Please find their respective bios below.

We thank the partners, sponsors, and attendees of GVS for joining us this year and we look forward to another successful event in 2023!

GVS 2022 Keynote SPEAKERS

2022 GVS Managers and Sponsors

Mark Bowden


The Atlantic, Air Mail, and other publications

Mark Bowden is a journalist and author of thirteen books, including “Hue 1968,” “Black Hawk Down,” and “Killing Pablo.” He is a regular contributor to The Atlantic, Air Mail, and other publications.

His books on war, football, crime, and science have won many awards and have regularly appeared on The New York Times bestseller lists. “Black Hawk Down” was adapted into an Academy Award-winning motion picture, and three others are currently being adapted into TV series. He spent sixteen years teaching, first at Loyola University in Maryland, and then at The University of Delaware, where he was the writer in residence from 2015-2017.

Born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1951, Bowden grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, New York, and Baltimore. After graduating from Loyola in 1973, Bowden worked for The Baltimore News-American. He joined the staff of The Philadelphia Inquirer in 1979, where, among other things, he covered science, football, transportation, politics, crime, and did extensive national and international reporting. He and his wife Gail have five grown children and two granddaughters. They live in Kennett Square, PA.

Dominic Troulan


Dom Troulan is a decorated former Special Forces officer who has successfully transitioned to civilian life and found many of his skills relevant to the challenges facing modern companies.

Since 2017 Dom has offered his services as an inspirational speaker to local and international organizations. Some highlights of 2018 include the opportunity to address 250 business leaders at the dinner for Team Rubicon in the Crypt of St Paul’s Cathedral in London on April 18, an audience of 350 UK Special Forces soldiers at their annual X-Brief in Hereford. He has also spoken at the Royal Humane Society in London and was awarded a Lifetime Honorary Governor of the Society.

Dom did reside in East Africa until very recently (now in the UK) where he built an impressive client base for his core skills in safeguarding assets and people in unstable environments. He has a strong track record in community engagement, hostage negotiation and release, anti-piracy strategies, and crisis management.

Whilst relaxing at home in September 2013, he took a call from a family friend which led to a challenging situation that he has faced in recent times. The call launched him on a rescue mission to Westgate Shopping Mall, which was under attack from terrorists. In several sorties under fire, Dom single-handedly rescued many innocent civilians while the Kenyan Armed Forces attempted to establish a cordon around the building. He was also involved in repelling the Dusit Hotel attack in January 2019.

For these repeated acts of conspicuous gallantry, Dom was honored to receive the United Kingdom’s highest civilian award for bravery – the George Cross – in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2017. The George Cross joins the awards he received during his service with UK Special Forces: which included the Queen’s Gallantry Medal and the Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service.

After his investiture at Buckingham Palace, Dom commented: “There is a source of courage in every individual, and all of us, in our own unique ways, have a part to play in defending the values we hold dear.”

Dom is 59 years old and happily married, with two children at University in the UK. In his private life he enjoys: Arduous Physical Exercise, Rough Camping, Wildlife Conservation, Rugby, Building houses.

Dom speaks confidently to a wide range of audience demographics. He shares his extraordinary life experiences, albeit from a humble, ordinary persons standpoint, and delivers invaluable insights on:

  1. Physical and Mental Courage
  2. Exercising Judgement and Situational Awareness
  3. Leading others and Decision making
  4. Negotiation and Persuasion
  5. Crisis Management

General James Mattis

USMC (Ret.)

Former Secretary of Defense and retired Marine General

A dedicated patriot, intellectual, and strategist, former Secretary of Defense and retired Marine General James N. Mattis exemplifies principled leadership in times of turbulence.

One of the preeminent leaders of his generation, Gen James Mattis has spent nearly 50 years in the service of his country. Renowned for his diligent study of war, and his dogged efforts on the battlefield, Gen Mattis is described as a principled commander who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.

A rare combination of thinker and doer, and scholar and strategist, Gen Mattis knows the monumental powers and responsibility of our military forces, and the challenges of our dangerous and complex world. His matchless dedication to his job and country earned him universal respect and reverence – from allies and adversaries alike.

Gen Mattis served as the 26th Secretary of Defense of the United States for nearly two years before resigning with distinction. With his reputation as a sharp analyst and venerable wartime leader, Gen Mattis received nearly unanimous, bipartisan support for his nomination. A living Marine Corps legend, he made history by securing special permission from Congress to lead the Pentagon, sooner than he was eligible.

As Secretary of Defense, Mattis preferred not to play politics – a quality that boosted admiration for the retired general. Instead, he focused on making combat readiness one of his main priorities, and served as the primary author of a new American defense strategy whose central goal was to take on “revisionist” powers that “seek to create a world consistent with their authoritarian models.”

Viewed as the steady hand in tumultuous times, he championed building a network of alliances and strategic partnerships around the world.

“Our strength as a nation is inextricably linked to the strength of our unique and comprehensive system of alliances and partnerships,” then Secretary Mattis wrote in a letter to President Trump. Without maintaining those alliances, he says, we cannot protect our interests or serve the role of an indispensable nation in the free world.

His resolve to amass and maintain positive relations with key countries served as a premier example of professionalism and stability in a political landscape wrought with unpredictability.

During his 44 years in the Marines, Gen Mattis rose from an 18-year-old reservist to the highest rank of four-star general. He capped off his military career as head of the U.S. Central Command, where he was in charge of all American forces serving in the Middle East and oversaw operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as parts of Syria, Iran, and Yemen. He retired from the post in 2013. It would be just four years later, in 2017, that he would answer the call to serve again, as the first member of President Donald Trump’s cabinet cleared to take office.

A veteran of three wars, Gen Mattis spent much of his career involved in overseas conflict. Described by colleagues and his staff as brave, honest, and humble, Gen Mattis proved to be an exceptional motivator of Marines and developed a leading style that endeared him to his troops.

“Believe so completely in subordinates they have no choice but to believe in themselves; act from integrity and authenticity, let your very goodness put ambition out of context,” he counsels.

As part of his “hearts and minds” approach to counterinsurgency operations, Gen Mattis established the Center for Advanced Operational Culture Learning, which remains active today. The academy for Marine officers and senior enlisted personnel provides cultural awareness and language skills training to ensure units can operate effectively in complex expeditionary environments.

A patriot who always put country above self, Gen Mattis steeped himself in the history and tradition of the military and dedicated himself to the Marine Corps.

Gen Mattis speaks with candor and thoughtful analysis about the threats that face our nation and military. Humorous, compassionate, and strategic, he also offers insightful lessons in leadership, with a deep focus on the art of empowering individuals.


Chief Executive Officer


Will Bartlett is the Chief Executive Officer of Parallax Volatility Advisers. Will has been involved with equity options since 1995 and has been with Parallax since 1996. In his more than 25 years at Parallax, Will has played an active role transforming the firm from a small, floor-based equity options trading operation into a large participant in the global volatility market. Parallax manages a complex portfolio of listed and over the counter volatility positions on global equities, indexes, ETFs, and commodity futures. Prior to joining the Parallax, Will worked on the floor of the Pacific Coast Exchange while earning his Bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of California, Berkeley. Will proudly serves on the Board of Trustees for both The Hamlin School and San Francisco University High School, The Board of Governors for Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco, and is a Senior Member of The Guardsmen, an organization helping at-risk youth by providing scholarships, support, and outdoor education programs to students in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Founder and Managing Principal/CIO


Ari Bergmann is Penso’s Founder and Managing Principal/CIO. He leads the firm’s investment committee and manages various Penso funds and clients’ mandates.

Dr. Bergmann founded Penso Advisors, LLC in early 2010 to offer systemic risk management and implement hedging strategies for asset managers and institutional investors through managed accounts. Since its founding, Penso has expanded its services to include management of discretionary global macro and risk mitigation strategies through private funds and bespoke funds of one.

Between 1997 and 2010, Dr. Bergmann was CEO of Sentinel Advisors, LLC, manager of the Citadel Master Fund (derivatives arbitrage); Sentinel Symphony, LLC, manager of the Symphony FOHF (multi-manager fund of hedge funds) and Penso Capital Markets, LLC, manager of risk overlays.

Prior to his role in overseeing these firms, Dr. Bergmann was employed at Bankers Trust from 1989 to 1997. In 1989, he joined Bankers Trust’s U.S. Interest Rate Derivatives trading desk and managed this unit during 1992 and 1993. During this period, he was active in the development of structured notes, index-amortizing swaps, time swaps, binary options and other derivative products. From late 1993 until his departure in 1997, he headed the Risk Merchant Bank and the Transaction Development Group at the bank. He founded the latter to integrate Bankers Trust’s finance and derivative capabilities to offer enhanced corporate finance products to corporate clients. In this capacity, he led a team that created a derivatives structure that was widely used in the privatization of many large European companies. He also developed derivatives and trading strategies used by several corporations in the implementation of strategic acquisitions. During his tenure at Bankers Trust, Dr. Bergmann was a Senior Managing Director and a pioneer in the field who helped create and implement the initial swaps on hedge funds.

From 1987 through 1989, Dr. Bergmann was an Assistant Vice President at Drexel Burnham Lambert Trading Corp., working in precious metals and commodity trading. From 1986 through 1987, Dr. Bergmann was a staff accountant at Price Waterhouse in New York.

Dr. Bergmann holds a Master’s in Liberal Studies and a Ph.D. in Comparative Religion, both from Columbia University.

Kalina Berova

Portfolio Manager

British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI)

Ms. Kalina Berova has over 17 years of investment and risk management industry experience. Currently, Kalina works as a PM in the Partnership Portfolio of BCI, responsible for investments across absolute return and long only strategies. With $199.6 billion in assets under management, British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI) invests on behalf of BC’s public sector. Previously, she was a visiting researcher at Bodhi Research Group, focusing on areas such as diligence of newly launched alternative investment firms, best co-Investment practices, alternative portfolio benchmarking, and etc. Prior to that, Kalina was part of the External Relationships Team at the New York office of OMERS, where she gained investment experience across a broad range of traditional and niche hedge fund strategies, long-only funds, custom alternative investment solutions, and private equity funds & co-investments. Kalina began her career at the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan in the Asset Mix and Risk Group, where she developed expertise in the areas of portfolio construction and risk management of both alternative and traditional asset classes and investment strategies.


Managing Director, Global Markets Division


Erin leads the Hedge Fund Equity Derivatives Sales team in New York, focusing on delivering tactical and strategic solutions to clients. She joined Goldman Sachs as a vice president in 2018 and was named managing director in 2021. Prior to joining the firm, Erin worked at Citi for 11 years, where she worked in various roles within the Fixed Income Syndicate business, and as an Equity Franchise and Derivatives salesperson, covering both hedge fund and institutional clients. Erin earned a BS in Economics and Finance from Niagara University in 2007.


Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Paul Britton is Capstone’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Paul focuses on setting the firm’s strategy, developing our culture, attracting key talent and overseeing the execution of investment and business functions. Paul began his career with Saratoga Limited, trading options on the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE), and co-founded Mako Global Derivatives in 1999. In 2001, Paul moved to New York to establish and manage Mako’s U.S. operations, the buyout of which he led to form Capstone in 2004. Paul is immensely proud of the progress made by the team at Capstone over the years, and by the strong relationships we have been fortunate to build with our investors.

Paul currently serves on the Boards of the US Soccer Foundation, The Tate America’s Foundation and Friends Seminary School in New York City.

Paul received a B.A. degree in European Business Finance from London Metropolitan University.

Pablo E. Calderini

Chief Investment Officer


Pablo E. Calderini is the President and Chief Investment Officer of GCM and, among other things, is responsible for the management and oversight of the discretionary and systematic trading businesses at GCM. Mr. Calderini is also a senior member of the firm’s Executive, Investment, Risk and Compliance committees. He joined GCM in August 2010 and became an Associated Person and Principal of GCM effective August 13, 2010. Prior to joining GCM, Mr. Calderini worked at Deutsche Bank from June 1997 to July 2010 where he held positions of increasing responsibility, most recently the Global Head of Equity Proprietary Trading.  Mr. Calderini commenced his career at Deutsche Bank as Global Head of Emerging Markets. During his tenure at Deutsche Bank, Mr. Calderini also helped manage several groups across the fixed income and equity platforms, including the Global Credit Derivatives Team. Mr. Calderini received a B.A. in Economics from Universidad Nacional de Rosario in 1987 and a Masters in Economics from Universidad del CEMA in 1989, each in Argentina.


Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager


Derek Devens, CFA, joined the firm in 2016. Derek is a Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager of the Option Group. Prior to Neuberger Berman, Derek was responsible for both Research and Portfolio Management at Horizon Kinetics. Derek was a member of the Investment Committee and responsible for co-managing the Kinetics Alternative Income Fund and various separate account strategies. Prior to Horizon Kinetics, Derek was a Vice President with Goldman Sachs’ Global Manager Strategies Group where he was responsible for conducting investment manager research. Previously, Derek worked in fixed income portfolio management at both Fischer Francis Trees & Watts as well as Bond Logistix. He received a BS in Civil Engineering from Princeton University and an MBA from New York University. He has been awarded the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

George Evans

CFA – Senior Vice President, Fixed Income and Volatility Strategy Head


George is a Senior Vice President on the Investment Research team and has over 13 years of experience in alternative investments. He is responsible for investment sourcing, conducting investment research, and evaluating managers across fixed income and volatility strategies.

Prior to joining Aksia in 2019, George was a Strategy Head focusing on global macro & trading strategies at UBP Asset Management where he was responsible for sourcing and due diligence across discretionary global macro, fixed income arbitrage and commodity strategies. Before that, George worked as a research analyst at Ermitage UK Ltd. where he focused mostly on long/short equity strategies in Europe.

George graduated from Bayes Business School, City, University of London with a BS in Banking and International Finance. He is a CFA charterholder.

Jason Goldberg

Capstone Investment Advisors

Jason Goldberg is a Senior Portfolio Manager responsible for managing dispersion and risk-transfer portfolios on the Solutions platform. Jason enjoys the transparency and autonomy he has in running his area of the business. Jason has been trading equity derivatives since 1998 and joined Capstone in 2018 from PIMCO where he was an Executive Vice President dedicated to equity dispersion. He also ran the equity execution desk for PIMCO and helped advise portfolio managers on equity-related strategies and trades. Before joining PIMCO, Jason was a Managing Director at Och-Ziff and a Partner at Onyx Capital. He started his career at J.P. Morgan and worked on both the equity derivatives and municipal derivatives desks.

Jason graduated magna cum laude and received a dual degree in Math and Economics from Claremont McKenna College.




Jerry has 34 years of experience in the financial markets.

Jerry was instrumental in the establishment of the futures and options market in South Africa. He also traded government bonds for a large discount house before being appointed Head of Equity Derivatives for one of South Africa’s largest and most successful merchant banks,
Investec Ltd.

In 1996, Jerry founded Peregrine Holdings Ltd. The company offered a range of services but its main niche was designing derivative strategies for institutional clients. Peregrine enjoyed early success under his management culminating in a stock exchange listing in 1998.

In March 2001, Jerry co-founded 36 South Investment Managers Limited. The firm moved to London, UK, in 2009, and operates as 36 South Capital Advisors LLP.


Co-Chief Investment Officer


Mr. Tobias Hekster, Co-Chief Investment Officer of True Partner Capital USA in Chicago, has been actively trading for the past 22 years in various different roles in several markets across the globe. Starting at IMC in 1998 as a pit trader in Amsterdam, Tobias has established the off-floor arbitrage desk, headed the Chicago office in the transition from floor trading to electronic trading and set up the Asian volatility arbitrage desk in Hong Kong. Tobias holds an MSc in Economics and has taught as an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and as an Adjunct Professor of Financial Practice at National Taiwan University.

jason hedberg

Global Head of UBS Equity Derivatives Flow Sales


Jason Hedberg is a Managing Director in charge of Equity Derivatives Flow Sales. He is responsible for the coverage of over 1000 clients worldwide from Sales teams based in New York, Hong Kong, Sydney, London, and Zurich. Structures range from vanilla listed options to complex Risk Premia solutions and customers span Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, Insurers, Pensions, Family Offices….

Mr. Hedberg joined UBS in November 2013. Prior to this he was the Head of Derivative Sales for Societe Generale from 2006-2013. He began his career in finance trading Convertible Arbitrage with the Greenwich, CT hedge fund Amaranth. He is a military veteran having served in the United States Navy as an Intelligence Officer for seven years.

He holds a Bachelor of Science from the United States Naval Academy and a Masters in Business Administration from INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France. He is married with four children and lives in New Jersey. His wife, Mikie Sherrill, is a Congresswoman in the United States House of Representatives for the 11th District of New Jersey.



Michael Ide is a Hedge Fund IDD analyst at Albourne Partners covering Volatility Arbitrage and Tail Risk hedge funds. Before joining Albourne in 2015, Michael worked as a freelance writer and as a Peace Corps volunteer. He has an MBA from the University of Cyprus, an MA in Physics from UC San Diego and is a CFA charterholder.

Jason Josephiac

Senior Vice President

Meketa Investment Group

Mr. Josephiac joined Meketa Investment Group in 2021 and has been in the investment industry since 2008.  A Senior Vice President of the firm, Mr. Josephiac serves as a Senior Research Consultant covering marketable alternatives (MALTS) such as hedge funds, alternative risk premium, commodities, risk parity, and risk mitigating strategies such as long volatility and managed futures/trend following.  His work includes investment due diligence, portfolio construction, asset allocation and oversight of client portfolios.

Prior to joining the firm, he was responsible for managing United (Raytheon) Technologies’ portable alpha/hedge fund program as well as covering global equities, risk parity and multi-asset/strategic partnership portfolios.  Prior to that, he held multiple roles at The Boston Company Asset Management as part of the business development and client service teams.

Mr. Josephiac graduated magna cum laude from Bentley University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and minors in Economics and International Studies.  He is a CFA and CAIA charterholder as well as a member of the CFA Hartford Society.  He is a member of the Bentley University endowment investment committee and a member of the Ellington Community Scholarship Association.


Derivatives Strategist


Christian Kober is a Derivatives Strategist at Capula Investment Management LLP having joined the firm in July 2019. In this role, Christian works closely with the firm’s investment, strategy and investor relations teams. Christian was previously the Head of European Equity Derivative Strategy in Barclays’ Pan European Equity Research in London from 2010 to 2019 where he was ranked #1 in the 2016 and 2017 Extel survey. Earlier in his career, Christian worked at Morgan Stanley as Lead Analyst for European Equity Derivative Strategy and in Quantitative Equity Prop Trading. Christian began his career at SG Securities in 2001 where he was an equity research analyst, covering the transportation sector.

BBA, University of Saarbrücken, 1998

MBA, Leipzig Graduate School of Management, 2001

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)


Co-CIO and Principal


Dr. Deep Kumar is a principal and Co-Chief Investment Officer. He joined III in March 2003 and has been with the firm since that time, except for a ten-month period during 2010. Prior to joining III, Dr. Kumar was at BNP Paribas in New York (1995–2002), where he was the Chief Risk Officer for the USD rates group and oversaw the day-to-day risk taking by the group. Dr. Kumar has also done a great deal of work on volatility smiles and skews, much of which is used by a number of Wall Street firms for pricing and managing risks associated with options. He is the co-author of “Managing Smile Risk”, published in Wilmott Magazine in July of 2002. Dr. Kumar holds a PhD in Hypersonics from Cranfield University, UK, and an MSc in Aerodynamics as well as an MA in Engineering from Cambridge University, UK.

Simon Lepine

Portfolio Manager – Implied Strategies

LFIS Capital

Simon joined LFIS in February 2013 and is responsible for implied strategies across LFIS’s funds. Simon previously worked at Lyxor AM in quantitative management, at La Française des Placements in financial engineering and at Goldman Sachs in London in structuring.

Simon graduated from Ecole Centrale Lyon in 2012. He also holds a Master’s degree in International Finance from HEC.

Leslie Lenzo

Chief Investment Officer

Advocate Aurora Health

Leslie K. Lenzo, CFA is Chief Investment Officer at Advocate Aurora Health in Illinois and Wisconsin.  In her role at Advocate Aurora, Ms. Lenzo oversees the investment of $14 billion in corporate and pension assets.  She also oversees the investment options available in the organization’s $8 billion defined contribution plans.  Prior to Advocate Aurora, Ms. Lenzo was a senior member of the investment team at Northwestern Memorial Healthcare in Chicago.  Ms. Lenzo started her career with the investment program at Partners Health Care in Boston and then moved to the sell side to do equity research covering Healthcare Services at SG Cowen. Ms. Lenzo holds a BA in Economics and Government from Georgetown University and a MBA in Finance from Boston University.  She is also a CFA charter holder and serves on the investment committee of the Healthcare Financial Management Association and on the investment advisory group of Adventist Health.  Ms. Lenzo resides in Downers Grove, IL with her husband and four young sons.

John Lake



John Lake is a Partner with Mercer and a Senior Portfolio Manager for Hedge Funds. In this capacity, he is a portfolio manager for some of Mercer’s North American based discretionary hedge fund offerings, as well as an advisor for clients’ dedicated hedge fund portfolios.

Prior to its acquisition by Mercer in 2018, John was a senior member of Summit Strategies Group’s Manager Research team where he was responsible for leading all efforts in hedge fund due diligence, manager selection, portfolio construction and monitoring. Prior to joining Summit in 2002, John worked for Banc of America Capital Management where he was a portfolio manager and research analyst for the Nations MidCap Growth Fund.

John earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Marquette University and a master’s degree in business administration from Washington University’s John M. Olin School of Business. John is a CFA charterholder and a member of the CFA Society of St. Louis.

Meisan Lim

Managing Director

Cambridge Associates

Meisan is a managing director in the Hedge Funds Research group at Cambridge Associates. Based in the Boston office, she heads up the firm’s research efforts on uncorrelated strategies in the Americas. In addition, Meisan is responsible for the implementation of hedge fund portfolios for several outsourced investment office clients. Previously she was part of the firm’s pension practice, where she advised a variety of institutional investors on Hedge Fund investment issues such as asset allocation strategy, manager selection, risk management and investment program evaluation. Meisan has 19 years of investment experience and has previously worked at Omega Capital, Apollo Management, Guggenheim Partners, Evergreen Investments (now Wells Fargo) and Tsai Capital.

Meisan is a CFA charterholder, and has an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree from Middlebury College and Columbia University, respectively.

Matt McFarland

Vice President of Business Development

MIAX Exchange Group

Matt McFarland joined the MIAX Exchange Group in April 2021 as Vice President of Business Development where he works to establish new derivative products to help investors manage risks, including volatility derivatives like Spikes futures and options. 

Prior to joining MIAX, Matt worked for Cboe Global Markets from 2007 – 2020, heading up their futures business from 2018-2020, and opening the exchange’s first international office in London in 2016. While at Cboe, Matt chaired the CFE Trade Advisory Committee, and served on STA’s Listed Options Committee. 

Matt spent ten years at JP Morgan in equity derivative sales before working for Cboe. He earned an MBA in Finance in 2001. 

Kaitlin Meyer

Vice President of Marketing and Sales


Kaitlin Meyer is Vice President of Marketing & Sales at MIAX responsible for leading the go-to-market strategies for MIAX’s proprietary products including SPIKES®. She has extensive experience in the futures and options markets across product, marketing and sales.  Previously, Kaitlin was Director of Retail Sales & Coverage at Cboe Global Markets where she led the retail strategy for the derivatives business. Prior to Cboe, Kaitlin worked at CME Group, focused on the marketing and education of derivatives to drive new client acquisition.  Kaitlin holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Chicago and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.


Michael Pintar

Managing Director and Head of US Flow Strategy & Solutions

Société Générale

Michael Pintar is a Managing Director and Head of US Flow Strategy and Solutions at Societe Generale. In this capacity he works with Societe Generale’s trading and sales desks to structure trades, examine solutions and provide market insight to clients. Prior to joining Societe Generale, Michael spent the majority of his career as a macro relative value portfolio manager at several hedge funds such as Clinton Group, Vega Asset Management, UBS Dillon Read Capital Management and Cura Capital. Michael began his career in global markets at Deutsche Bank where he joined after graduating with Highest Honors from DePaul University.

Sandy Poiré, CFA, MBA

Senior Investment Officer

CN Investment Division

Sandy Poiré is a Senior Investment Officer for the absolute return team at the CN Investment Division. In her current role she is responsible for the allocation to external managers for the hedge fund portfolio. Sandy joined the Division in 2011 and was initially responsible for the industrials sector for the Divisions’ European, Asia-Pacific and Emerging Markets equity portfolios.

Sandy graduated from the John Molson School of Business (Concordia University) with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and was the Valedictorian of her graduating class. She also received the Calvin Potter Fellowship from Concordia’s Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management Program. Sandy is a CFA charterholder since 2014 and completed a Master’s in Business Administration at Queen’s University in 2017.

Sandy is Vice President and chair of the governance committee of the board of CFA Montreal and is also an ambassador for Fillactive, an organization aiming to promote physical activities to young women.


Managing Director

Blue Owl

Eric Render is a Managing Director of Blue Owl and a member of the Dyal Business Services Platform. Eric has 18 years of industry experience across media, consulting and asset management. He is primarily responsible for managing relationships with institutional investors based on the West Coast, Alaska and Hawaii. Prior to joining Dyal, Eric was a member of Neuberger Berman’s marketing department, focusing on International Equities, Emerging Markets and REITs. Before joining Neuberger Berman in 2007, Eric worked at the U.K. news agency, Adfero, while studying contemporary U.K. politics at the London School of Economics’ Hansard Research Scholars Programme. He has a BA in English from the Pennsylvania State University.

Randolf Roth

Executive Board Member


Randolf Roth is a member of the Executive Board of Eurex Frankfurt AG / Management Board of Eurex Deutschland, responsible for Equity & Index Derivatives.

Until February 2016, Randolf Roth served as CEO of two related companies: Zimory GmbH and Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange AG in Berlin. Previously, between 1999 and 2014, he had already been working for Eurex in London, Chicago and Frankfurt in a number of roles including Head of Strategy and Head of Market Structure. From 2011 to 2016, he was a member of the Board of Directors of the European Energy Exchange (EEX).

Randolf Roth holds a PhD in Financial Engineering from Technische Universität Dresden.


Partner and Head of Asset Management


Pierre de Saab is a Partner and Head of Asset Management at Dominicé & Co – Asset Management. Since joining Dominicé in 2010, Pierre de Saab has significantly contributed to the development of the company’s flagship volatility strategy. Today, he heads the investment team’s research and trading operations, as well as the company’s business development strategy.

Prior to joining Dominicé, Pierre held senior roles at Credit Suisse, as well as UBS in Zurich, London and New York, where he built and led several equity derivatives trading desks. During his career, he gained significant experience in designing risk management and trading systems. He has also developed proprietary trading strategies and innovative derivative products for hedge funds and sophisticated institutional investors.

Pierre earned a Masters in Mathematical Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), a Masters in Real Estate from the University of Geneva and an MBA from INSEAD.

Pavandeep Sethi

Founder and Chief Investment Officer


Pav Sethi is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Gladius Capital Management, an asset-management firm focusing on derivative strategies and products for institutional clients. Prior to founding Gladius, Mr. Sethi was a Managing Director at Citadel serving as the Global Head of the Volatility Arbitrage Group. He was previously a Portfolio Manager in the Volatility Arbitrage Strategy at J.D. Capital Management and began his career at Morgan Stanley in Europe as an equity derivatives trader.

Mr. Sethi has pioneered a number of novel derivative structures and engaged in multiple landmark transactions. His focus most recently has been on structuring large scale derivatives programs as tools for portfolio allocation and optimization for some of the largest pension and endowment plans in the United States. Previously, Mr. Sethi engaged in some of the earliest risk syndication programs during the early 2002 period and completed some of the first complex volatility based transactions between hedge funds and investment banks.

Pav holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Cornell University and a master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Chicago.  He is a Fellow of the 2017 class of the Aspen Finance Leaders Fellowship and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

Dmitri Smolansky

Head of Portfolio Management


Dmitri is the Head of Portfolio Management at SECOR and the lead portfolio manager for its equity hedging strategies. Dmitri started his career in asset management at GM Pension Plan in 1998, where he managed a multi-billion global asset allocation program and a multi-asset Balanced Fund. Between 2005 and 2016, Dmitri managed global macro portfolios for Citigroup and Man Financial, and then founded Bleecker Street Capital, LLC – a global macro CTA. Dmitri joined SECOR in 2016 and has been managing the current version of its equity hedging program for institutional clients since 2017.  Dmitri received a B.S. in Statistics from the University of Illinois and earned an M.B.A. from New York University, Stern.

Angelique Sellers, CFA

Managing Director, Investments

Office of Investment Management,

Penn State University

Angelique Sellers joined The Office of Investment Management at The Pennsylvania State University in October of 2011.  She provides leadership in management of the University’s Long-Term Investment Pool, with primary responsibility for Global and non-US public equity; diversifying strategies, including hedged and commodity related strategies; and other opportunistic strategies (e.g., specialty finance, royalties, leases, etc.).    As Managing Director, she is involved in global investment manager sourcing and due diligence, and in all aspects of management of the University’s investment program.

Prior to joining the Penn State investment team, Sellers was co-Chief Investment Officer for Anchor Point Capital, LLC in Coral Gables, Florida, a multi-manager hedge fund investment firm. 

Prior to Anchor Point Capital, Sellers served as an investment officer with the $2 billion John S. and James L. Knight Foundation in Miami, where she was the team leader for a multi-manager, multi-strategy $600 million hedge fund portfolio. 

Sellers attended Moscow State Linguistic University in Moscow, Russia, where she received a BA degree in Linguistics.  She is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a member of the CFA Institute.


Principal and Portfolio Manager


Dan Stone is one of the co-founders of Ionic, where he focuses on managing the interest rates, currencies and credit strategies.  He has over 25 years of experience managing relative value arbitrage and long volatility strategies across multiple asset classes. Mr. Stone was formerly a Managing Director and Portfolio Manager in the U.S. and European Volatility and Credit Arbitrage Group at Highbridge.  He joined Highbridge in 1996 where he managed convertible bonds and equity, interest rate and credit derivatives.  Mr. Stone earned an AB in Economics Magna cum Laude from Harvard College.

Gaurav Tejwani

Partner and Portfolio Manager

Brigade Capital Management

Mr. Tejwani is a Portfolio Manager of Structured Credit and Volatility products. Mr. Tejwani focuses on identifying opportunities in index, option, and tranche credit derivatives as well as in cash CLOs. Mr. Tejwani also focuses on the ETF and Index volatility space. Prior to joining Brigade in 2019, Mr. Tejwani was a Partner at River Birch LLC, and before that was a Portfolio Manager and co-head of Structured Credit at Pine River Capital Management. Mr. Tejwani began his career at Lehman Brothers where he eventually led the Structured Credit Research and Strategy effort. Mr. Tejwani received a Bachelors in Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.

Nick VanMeter

Portfolio Manager

Garda Capital Partners

Mr. VanMeter is a Portfolio Manager at Garda Capital Partners responsible for developing and overseeing all Equity Derivative strategies and investment professionals.

Prior to joining Garda in 2020, Mr. VanMeter worked as a Portfolio Manager at TPRV Capital. Prior to that, he spent four years at Harvard Management Company as Vice President and Portfolio Manager.

Mr. VanMeter was a Ph.D. candidate in Theoretical Physics at Harvard University, where he holds a M.S. in physics and was awarded the Department of Defense Graduate Fellowship, and a B.S. in Mathematics and Physics from Louisiana State University.


Managing Director

MAN Group

Peter van Dooijeweert is a Managing Director at Man Solutions, responsible for assisting clients with multi-asset portfolio solutions, including institutional hedging. 

He joined Man Group in June 2018 to develop the institutional hedging platform. Prior to joining Man Group, Peter was a portfolio manager at Paloma Partners between 2013 and 2017, where he was responsible for managing a global volatility portfolio and a multi-asset tail hedge protection plan. He started his career with Goldman Sachs in Tokyo in 1995 before moving on to Soros as a volatility portfolio manager. Subsequently, he launched and managed a volatility hedge fund seeded by Tudor Investment. 

Peter holds a degree in accountancy from Wake Forest University and also studied at Tokai University in Japan. 

Gerlof De Vrij

Senior Portfolio Manager

Capstone Investment Advisors

Gerlof de Vrij is a Senior Portfolio Manager leading a macro volatility portfolio and running the Amsterdam office. Gerlof joined Capstone in 2017 from Blenheim Capital Management where he was Chief Investment Officer. While at Blenheim, Gerlof continued developing and deploying strategies initiated when he was managing Director of Absolute Return Strategies at APG Asset Management. Prior to APG, Gerlof was Head of Strategy and Research at PGGM Investments and Philips Pension Fund. Gerlof also worked for ABN AMRO’s Economics Department, asset management division and the dealing room as an Assistant Professor at Radboud University. Gerlof received a degree in Monetary Economics from Tilburg University.

Paul Woolman

Executive Director, Head of EMEA Equity and Alternative Index Products


Paul Woolman is an equity product specialist with over 20 years markets experience. Paul joined CME Group in 2016 as Senior Director, Head of EMEA Equity and Alternative Index Products. This involves managing the associated futures and options product suite and working with clients to help educate them and work on product solutions. Before joining CME Group, Paul was at BAML for over 10 years as a Delta 1 equity trader – managing exposure across futures, ETFs, swaps, structured products as well as cash equities and FX. This has provided him with a wealth of experience in the pricing, trading, structuring and risk management of equity index-based derivative products. Paul has an MBA from London Business School with a concentration in Finance and has previous experience of emerging market cash equity trading and asset management.

36 South Capital Advisors

36 South Capital Advisors launched in 2001 and specialize in the creation and management of asymmetrical portfolios with an emphasis on crisis protection. We invest in generally long-dated bullish and bearish, pan-asset class options which have the potential to generate exponential returns in a crisis. All of our funds are long volatility and invest in a combination of convex and positively accruing options. The funds aim to be non-correlated to traditional assets in a crisis and seek to provide portfolio diversification, risk mitigation and liquidity in order to ultimately reduce risk and increase investors’ long term portfolio returns.

BofA Securities, Inc

Regarded as one of the world’s leading financial institutions, Bank of America serves individual consumers, small and middle-market businesses, and large corporations with a full range of banking, investing, asset management, and other financial and risk management products and services.

Our decade-long focus on Responsible Growth allows us to be a source of stability for our customers and clients during challenging times, to continue supporting the communities in which we work and live, and deliver more consistent results for our shareholders throughout a well-understood risk framework. Our focus on ESG leadership has provided us with unique opportunities to deepen client relationships and create shared success with communities in which we operate.


Barclays is a transatlantic consumer and wholesale bank offering products and services across personal, corporate and investment banking, credit cards and wealth management, with a strong presence in our two home markets of the UK and the US. With over 325 years of history and expertise in banking, Barclays operates in over 40 countries and employs approximately 83,500 people. Barclays moves, lends, invests and protects money for customers and clients worldwide.

Blue Owl

Through experience, scale, and innovation, Blue Owl is a market leader in direct lending and capital solutions for the alternatives industry. With more than $52 billion in assets under management, we aim to provide institutional and private wealth clients access to compelling and differentiated investment opportunities. Defined by our partnership approach, Blue Owl’s range of capital and liquidity solutions seek to meet the needs of companies today to support their growth for the future.

Built on the success of two leading alternative asset managers, our distinct investment capabilities are redefining private markets:

  • Dyal Capital was founded in 2010 and is a leading capital provider to institutional private equity and hedge fund managers through minority investments and long-term financing
  • Owl Rock was founded in 2016 and is a leader in providing tailored private credit and financing offerings for middle- and upper-middle-market businesses
Blue Owl has over 250 employees across New York, Greenwich CT, London and Silicon Valley.

BNP Paribas

In Asia Pacific, BNP Paribas is one of the best-positioned international financial institutions with an uninterrupted presence since 1860. Currently with over 16,000 employees* and a presence in 14 markets, BNP Paribas provides corporates, institutional and private investors with product and service solutions tailored to their specific needs. It offers a wide range of financial services covering corporate & institutional banking, wealth management, asset management, insurance, as well as retail banking and consumer financing through strategic partnerships. Worldwide, BNP Paribas has a presence in 73 markets with more than 196,000 employees. It has key positions in its three main activities: Domestic Markets and International Financial Services (whose retail-banking networks and financial services are covered by Retail Banking & Services) and Corporate & Institutional Banking, which serves two client franchises: corporate clients and institutional investors. Asia Pacific is a key strategic region for BNP Paribas and it continues to develop its franchise in the region. * excluding partnerships

Brigade Capital Management

Brigade Capital Management, LP (“Brigade“) is a global asset management firm founded in 2006 currently managing $29.3 billion in assets. Brigade invests in public and private credit instruments using a bottom-up investment philosophy across a variety of diversified funds. As an SEC registered investment advisor, Brigade is one of the largest independent alternative asset managers with a 47-person investment team. Founded by Donald E. Morgan III, CIO and Managing Partner, the firm is headquartered in New York with an offices in London and Colorado. The firm is committed to industry best practices and has earned a reputation for its commitment to transparency and integrity as a long-term partner with investors.


Capstone is a global, alternative investment management firm operating across a broad range of derivatives-based strategies with a deep understanding of volatility. With approximately $9.2 billion of AUM and 236 employees as of June 1, 2022, Capstone was established in 2007 and is headquartered in New York with offices in London, Amsterdam, Stamford, Boston and Los Angeles, as well as a new office opening in Hong Kong in mid-2022. Through strategic insight, market-leading derivatives expertise and advanced technology, we seek to anticipate and harness the complexities of world markets, creating unique opportunities for our clients, team and industry.


Capula is a global fixed income specialist firm located in London with affiliated entities in Greenwich (CT), Jersey (Channel Islands), Hong Kong and Tokyo. Co-founded in 2005 by Yan Huo, managing partner and CIO, the firm manages absolute return, enhanced fixed income and tail risk strategies. The core investment team consists of ten trading partners with over 190 years of collective experience. Several of the senior trading team were members of the J.P. Morgan proprietary trading group and have focused on interest rate markets for the majority of their careers. Over many years, individual members of the team have refined discretionary trading and risk management techniques in the focus markets and over the last 20 years have managed through all major market crises, including 1998 and 2008.

Cboe Global Markets

Cboe Global Markets (Cboe: CBOE) provides cutting-edge trading and investment solutions to market participants around the world.

The company is committed to defining markets through product innovation, leading edge technology and seamless trading solutions.

The company offers trading across a diverse range of products in multiple asset classes and geographies, including options, futures, U.S., Canadian and European equities, exchange-traded products (ETPs), global foreign exchange (FX) and volatility products based on the

Cboe Volatility Index (VIX Index), recognized as the world’s premier gauge of U.S. equity market volatility. Cboe’s subsidiaries include the largest options exchange and the third largest stock exchange operator in the U.S. In addition, the company operates one of the largest stock exchanges by value traded in Europe, and owns EuroCCP, a leading pan-European equities clearing house. Cboe also is a leading market globally for ETP listings and trading.

The company is headquartered in Chicago with a network of domestic and global offices across the Americas, Europe and Asia, including main hubs in New York, London, Kansas City and Amsterdam.


Citi, the leading global bank, has approximately 200 million customer accounts and does business in more than 160 countries and jurisdictions. Citi provides consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of financial products and services, including consumer banking and credit, corporate and investment banking, securities brokerage, transaction services, and wealth management. Citi’s integrated business supports clients from pre-trade to execution and post-trade. Citi Equities provides insights, a broad range of products and services and round-the-clock market access for equities and equity-linked instruments, including tailored solutions to accommodate more complex trading strategies. Citi Prime Finance offers prime brokerage, securities lending and financing, agency securities lending, and global capital introductions to help hedge funds manage risk, improve efficiency and achieve their long-term business objectives. Citi Futures, Clearing and Collateral Management delivers futures execution, OTC derivatives clearing, derivatives intermediation and collateral management services to support operational, asset optimization and liquidity needs.

Industry recognition includes:

CME Group

As the world's leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace, CME Group ( enables clients to trade futures, options, cash and OTC markets, optimize portfolios, and analyze data – empowering market participants worldwide to efficiently manage risk and capture opportunities. CME Group exchanges offer the widest range of global benchmark products across all major asset classes based on interest rates, equity indexes, foreign exchange, energy, agricultural products and metals. The company offers futures and options on futures trading through the CME Globex® platform, fixed income trading via BrokerTec and foreign exchange trading on the EBS platform. In addition, it operates one of the world's leading central counterparty clearing providers, CME Clearing. With a range of pre- and post-trade products and services underpinning the entire lifecycle of a trade, CME Group also offers optimization and reconciliation services through TriOptima, and trade processing services through Traiana.

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse AG is one of the world’s leading financial services providers and is part of the Credit Suisse group of companies. As an integrated bank, Credit Suisse is able to offer clients its expertise in the areas of private banking, investment banking and asset management from a single source. Credit Suisse provides specialist advisory services, comprehensive solutions and innovative products to companies, institutional clients and high net worth private clients worldwide, and also to retail clients in Switzerland. Credit Suisse is headquartered in Zurich and operates in over 50 countries worldwide. The group employs approximately 48,100 people. The registered shares (CSGN) of Credit Suisse’s parent company, Credit Suisse Group AG, are listed in Switzerland and, in the form of American Depositary Shares, in New York.

Domincé & Co

Dominicé & Co – Asset Management is a Swiss regulated investment management company, offering specialized investment products and services with the aim of preserving capital and delivering positive performance in various market environments. The company is active in global equity and equity derivatives markets, Swiss real estate and private wealth management. Launched in 2004, the company’s flagship relative value volatility strategy aims to deliver positive returns in rising and falling markets, whilst maintaining low correlation to equities and other asset classes. The strategy employs a blend of systematic and discretionary investment processes based on Myopia, the behavioral bias of equity investors.


Eurex stands for the leading European derivatives exchange and – with Eurex Clearing – one of the leading central counterparties globally. We are the architect of market liquidity, efficiency and integrity, providing our customers with innovative solutions to seamlessly manage risk.

Our vision is to be the globally trusted home of trading, clearing and risk management services. Driving the industry with an extensive offer of innovative products.

Our mission is to create better markets. Eurex is part of Deutsche Börse Group.

Garda Capital Partners

Garda Capital Partners is a global investment management firm with a long track record of deploying relative value strategies across fixed income markets for institutional investors. Garda’s collaborative and rigorous approach to investing and commitment to transparency has earned us the trust of investors and counterparties over many market cycles. Jeff Drobny (CEO) launched the firm’s flagship Fixed Income Relative Value (FIRV) Strategy in 2003 within Black River, Cargill’s alternative investment subsidiary. The team spun out of Black River in early 2016 and is now fully independent, led by its co-founders: Jeff Drobny, Tim Magnusson (CIO, FIRV), and Robert Goedken (COO/GC) as well as other members of the firm’s Leadership Team. Garda is headquartered in Minneapolis with other primary offices in New York, Geneva, Copenhagen, and Singapore.

Gladius Capital Management

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Chicago, Gladius Capital Management LP is a leading provider of derivatives solutions and alternative funds for institutional clients. Our mission is to deliver the highest level of expertise and acumen to help our clients manage complex financial risks through the use of derivative instruments. As of December 31, 2020, Gladius has $2.5 billion in assets under management and is a certified minority-owned investment manager.

Goldman Sachs

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is a leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm that provides a wide range of financial services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions, governments and individuals. Founded in 1869, the firm is headquartered in New York and maintains offices in all major financial centers around the world.

Graham Capital Management

Founded by Kenneth G. Tropin in 1994, Graham Capital Management, L.P. (“GCM”) is an alternative investment manager with more than $16 billion in AUM as of March 1, 2022 and a diverse roster of global institutional and private client investors. The firm emphasizes directional trading across liquid global markets, and GCM’s strategies tend to have low correlation to traditional and other alternative investments. GCM has three main pillars of its business, comprised of systematic trend-following, quantitative macro, and discretionary macro trading strategies. GCM differentiates itself with an established, long-term track record, a rigorous and comprehensive risk management process, a substantial investment in operational infrastructure, and significant proprietary capital to attract and retain talented investment professionals and develop new investment strategies.

III Capital Management

III Capital Management (“III” pronounced “triple eye”), together with its affiliates, has been managing investor capital since 1982. Our mission is to work with sophisticated institutional investors and leverage our infrastructure to provide independent, asymmetric, customized investment solutions globally. We regard our clients as trusted partners and hold ourselves to high ethical standards. III manages approximately $4.8 billion across four primary strategies: fixed income relative value ($1.1B), convexity/tail ($1.4B), long only credit ($1.8B), and long/short credit ($508M). Our investor base is over 90% pensions and endowments with over 90% of assets in managed accounts or funds of one to provide customization and flexibility to clients. The firm is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL with approximately 100 employees; its principals have an average tenure of over 19 years with III.

Ionic Capital Management

Ionic Capital Management® LLC (“Ionic”) is a $3.9 billion New York based alternative asset manager founded in 2006 by Bart Baum and Daniel Stone. Ionic manages multiple private investment vehicles employing different investment strategies including relative value arbitrage, long volatility, and value equity. In addition, Ionic acts as sub-advisor to multiple registered investment funds for which it employs relative value arbitrage and value equity investment strategies. Within the long volatility investment strategies, Ionic focuses on generating negatively correlated returns, with the potential to deliver outsized returns in volatile markets. Ionic utilizes both explicit and imbedded options across asset classes, including equities, interest rates, currencies, commodities and credit in order to construct a portfolio that is typically positive convexity and long volatility.

J.P. Morgan

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) is a leading financial services firm based in the United States of America (“U.S.”), with operations worldwide. JPMorgan Chase had $3.7 trillion in assets and $280.7 billion in stockholders’ equity as of March 31, 2021. The Firm is a leader in investment banking, financial services for consumers and small businesses, commercial banking, financial transaction processing and asset management. Under the J.P. Morgan and Chase brands, the Firm serves millions of customers in the U.S. and globally many of the world’s most prominent corporate, institutional and government clients.

Man Group

Man Group is a global, technology-empowered active investment management firm focused on delivering alpha and portfolio solutions for clients. Headquartered in London, we manage $151.4 billion and operate across multiple offices globally. We invest across a diverse range of strategies and asset classes, with a mix of long only and alternative strategies run on a discretionary and quantitative basis, across liquid and private markets. Our investment teams work within Man Group’s single operating platform, enabling them to invest with a high degree of empowerment while benefiting from the collaboration, strength and resources of the entire firm. Our platform is underpinned by advanced technology, supporting our investment teams at every stage of their process, including alpha generation, portfolio management, trade execution and risk management.


MIAX’s parent holding company, Miami International Holdings, Inc., owns Miami International Securities Exchange, LLC (MIAX®), MIAX PEARL, LLC (MIAX Pearl®), MIAX Emerald, LLC (MIAX Emerald®), the Minneapolis Grain Exchange, LLC (MGEX), and the Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX). MIAX, MIAX Pearl and MIAX Emerald are national securities exchanges registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that leverage MIAX’s industry-leading technology and infrastructure to provide U.S. listed options trading to their member firms. MIAX serves as the exclusive exchange venue for cash-settled options on the SPIKES® Volatility Index (Ticker: SPIKE), a measure of the expected 30-day volatility in the SPDR® S&P 500® ETF (SPY). In addition to options, MIAX Pearl facilitates the trading of cash equities through MIAX Pearl Equities™.

MGEX is a registered exchange with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and is a Notice Registered Securities Futures Product Exchange with the SEC. MGEX serves as the exclusive market for a variety of products, including Hard Red Spring Wheat and SPIKES Futures. In addition, MGEX is a Designated Contract Market (DCM) and Derivatives Clearing Organization (DCO) under the CFTC, providing DCM, DCO and cash market services in an array of asset classes.

The BSX is a leading electronic international securities market regulated by the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA) specializing in the listing and trading of capital market instruments such as equities, debt issues, funds, hedge funds, derivative warrants and insurance linked securities. A full member of the World Federation of Exchanges and affiliate member of the International Organization of Securities Commissions, the BSX is globally recognized, including by the SEC.

MIAX’s executive offices and National Operations Center are located in Princeton, NJ, with additional offices located in Miami, FL, Minneapolis, MN, and Hamilton, Bermuda.

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) is a leading global financial services firm providing investment banking, securities, wealth management and investment management services. With offices in more than 41 countries, the Firm's employees serve clients worldwide including corporations, governments, institutions and individuals.


Nasdaq (Nasdaq: NDAQ) is a global technology company serving the capital markets and other industries. Our diverse offering of data, analytics, software and services enables clients to optimize and execute their business vision with confidence. To learn more about the company, technology solutions and career opportunities, visit us on LinkedIn, on Twitter @Nasdaq, or at

Neuberger Berman

Founded in 1939, Neuberger Berman is a private, 100% independent, employee-owned investment manager. From offices in 36 cities worldwide, the firm manages a range of strategies—including equity, fixed income, quantitative and multi-asset class, private equity and hedge funds—on behalf of institutions, advisors and individual investors globally. With more than 600 investment professionals and over 2,300 employees in total, Neuberger Berman has built a diverse team of individuals united in their commitment to client outcomes and investment excellence. Our culture has afforded us a 95% retention rate among our senior investment professionals and has earned us citations in the top-ranked firms (among those with 1,000 or more employees) in the Pensions & Investments “Best Place to Work in Money Management” survey each year since 2013.


Over thirty years ago, Optiver started business as a single trader on the floor of Amsterdam’s European Options Exchange. Today, we are a leading global electronic market maker, focused on pricing, execution and risk management. We provide liquidity to financial markets using our own capital, at our own risk, trading a wide range of products: listed derivatives, cash equities, ETFs, bonds and foreign currencies. Our independence allows us to objectively improve the markets and provide efficiencies for end investors. With over one thousand Optiverians globally, our mission to improve the market unites us. Thriving in a high performance environment, we pioneer our own trading strategies and systems using clean code and sophisticated technology. We achieve this by attracting, developing and empowering top talent, in order to sustain our future.

One River Asset Management

Launched in 2013, ORAM operates alternative strategies to deliver Risk Mitigation and Alpha to its global institutional client base, in funds and custom solutions. Managing +$2.1B of AUM across Volatility, Trend, Inflation and Digital (as of 2/1/22). A private partnership that is majority employee owned, with a diverse culture that emphasizes collaboration, transparency, and adaptivity. A unique combination of macro, fundamental and systematic capabilities to build alpha and risk mitigation solutions for client portfolios. Registered as an investment advisor with SEC, CPO with NFA/CFTC and QPAM. Launched digital asset manager subsidiary (ORDAM) in 2020.

Parallax Volatility Advisers

Parallax Volatility Advisers, L.P. is the San Francisco based investment adviser to Parallax Master Fund, L.P. and Cega RV Master Fund, L.P. Parallax has four distinct investment strategies that align with our data-driven approach to capturing value through volatility and market dislocation by integrating robust quantitative models and embedded risk modeling with state-of-the-art technology.

Parallax Master Fund employs a global volatility relative value strategy that incorporates multiple trading strategies being utilized opportunistically. The process identifies trading opportunities by options flow analysis that is supported by qualitative and quantitative evaluation and targets the most attractive risk-adjusted portfolio of volatility exposures in both listed and over-the-counter options on global equities, indexes, ETFs, and commodities. Parallax was founded in 1996 and has been negatively correlated to major market indexes.

Cega RV is a capital structure and convertible relative value fund that seeks to capture value through relative value trading within corporate capital structures. Cega RV seeks to generate returns by identifying pricing dislocations across an issuer’s capital structure (equity, debt, and relative derivatives) via this long volatility, long convexity strategy.

Corvus Delta is a global, diversified, systematic strategy that is uncorrelated to traditional investment benchmarks and is committed to trend and counter-trend following. Corvus Delta strives to profit from the mispricing of global assets resulting from large, dominant flows in liquid markets via its data-driven approach to trading.

Parallax Eclipse Digital is a Digital Asset strategy that seeks to capture value in the Digital Asset space through Relative Value Volatility Arbitrage in both listed and OTC options across multiple cryptocurrencies and crypto-related equities. The strategy captures value by monitoring options markets across multiple exchanges and executing trades when prices diverge relative to our proprietary models.

Penso Advisors

Penso Advisors LLC, established in 2010, is a $1.5 Bn AUM New York based manager and advisory boutique specializing in discretionary macro and risk mitigating strategies. Our niche specialty is derivatives structuring/trading and systemic risk management. We manage discretionary global macro strategies as well as bespoke high convexity hedging portfolios for sophisticated institutional money managers and allocators. Our clients include some of the largest hedge funds, corporate and public pension plans, endowments/foundations, fund of hedge fund groups and family offices. The Penso team, led by Ari Bergmann, has been in the forefront of derivatives innovation and trading and helping investors and corporations deal with difficult to manage risks for over 25 years. Our business model is predicated upon delivering our expertise on a bespoke basis for sophisticated institutional clients. We offer solutions within discretionary global macro and risk mitigation, primarily across two different strategies: Negative Correlated Alpha (NCA) – An alpha based, high convexity risk mitigation strategy implemented on a bespoke basis for institutional investors. Global Macro Opportunities (GMO) – A high convexity, capital efficient, discretionary global macro strategy.

Quantitative Brokers

Quantitative Brokers (QB) is a global financial technology company, provider of advanced algorithms and data-driven pre- and post-trade analytics to clients in the futures, options, and interest rate markets. The company is built on a research-driven culture, market microstructure know-how, and algorithmic engineering expertise. QB continually develops and innovates an evolving suite of products to reduce and measure implicit trading costs for its clients. Headquartered in midtown Manhattan, QB has branch offices in London, Sydney, and Chennai.

SECOR Asset Management

SECOR Asset Management, LP was launched in 2010 with offices in New York and London. Our firm offers clients innovative equity hedging, fixed income, and currency derivative overlay strategies – designed to help our pension, endowment, and insurance clients navigate increasingly complex investment challenges. As of December 31, 2021, SECOR Asset Management managed over $29 billion in derivative overlay solutions. Our plan sponsor heritage drives the evolution of our services - meeting the evolving needs of institutional plan sponsors.

Société Générale

Société Générale is one of the leading European financial services groups. Based on a diversified and integrated banking model, the Group combines financial strength and proven expertise in innovation with a strategy of sustainable growth, aiming to be the trusted partner for its clients, committed to the positive transformations of society and the economy. Active in the real economy for over 150 years, with a solid position in Europe and connected to the rest of the world, Société Générale has over 147,000 members of staff in 67 countries and supports on a daily basis 31 million individual clients, businesses and institutional investors around the world by offering a wide range of advisory services and tailored financial solutions. The Group is built on three complementary core businesses:

1. French Retail Banking, which encompasses the Société Générale, Crédit du Nord and Boursorama brands. Each offers a full range of financial services with omnichannel products at the cutting edge of digital innovation;

2. International Retail Banking, Insurance and Financial Services to Corporates, with networks in Africa, Russia, Central and Eastern Europe and specialised businesses that are leaders in their markets;

3. Global Banking and Investor Solutions, which offers recognised expertise, key international locations and integrated solutions.

Société Générale is included in the principal socially responsible investment indices: DJSI (World and Europe), FTSE4Good (Global and Europe), Euronext Vigeo (World, Europe and Eurozone), four of the STOXX ESG Leaders indices, and the MSCI Low Carbon Leaders Index.

For more information, you can follow us on twitter @societegenerale


SpiderRock is a technology provider that creates and deploys some of the most innovative algorithmic execution and risk management solutions commercially available to service large hedge funds, bank trading desks, proprietary trading firms and other institutional clients around the world. The platform is a high-performance, cloud-based trading system empowering institutional clients with tools to source liquidity intelligently and at scale in the equity, futures and option markets. SpiderRock is also a market data vendor specializing in low latency data service and normalized multicast data and analytics feeds including a live Greek, Risk Factor and Implied Volatility feed and corresponding historical snapshots. In addition, SpiderRock offers electronic execution and market access services to multiple market places via SpiderRock EXS, an agency broker dealer and FINRA member.


Systematica Investments launched in January 2015 after a decade of experience within BlueCrest Capital Management and track record dating back to 2004. Systematica is an innovative technology-driven firm focused on a quantitative and systematic approach to investing across futures, equities and OTC markets. The firm was founded by Leda Braga and has an investment philosophy based upon a disciplined research process, technological innovation and operational excellence. Systematica Investments currently manages approximately $8bn in assets and has a global presence with 5 offices across Jersey, Geneva, London, New York and Singapore.


True Partner Capital is a global asset management firm founded in 2010 and with offices in Asia, the US and Europe. We have over $1.7 billion in assets under management and serve a diverse range of clients globally. The Firm has a focus on volatility trading in liquid markets, particularly equities. The key principals of the Firm were previously options market makers, and the Firm combines trading and technology expertise built up over many years of software development and active trading in derivative markets. We seek to develop long-term partnerships with our clients and to provide them with superior risk-adjusted investment returns and client service through fund products and separate mandates.


UBS convenes the global ecosystem for investing, where people and ideas are connected and opportunities brought to life, and provides financial advice and solutions to wealthy, institutional and corporate clients worldwide, as well as to private clients in Switzerland. UBS offers investment solutions, products and impactful thought leadership, is the leading global wealth manager, provides large-scale and diversified asset management, focused investment banking capabilities, and personal and corporate banking services in Switzerland. The firm focuses on businesses that have a strong competitive position in their target markets, are capital efficient and have an attractive long-term structural growth or profitability outlook.   UBS is present in all major financial centers worldwide. It has offices in more than 50 regions and locations, with about 30% of its employees working in the Americas, 30% in Switzerland, 19% in the rest of Europe, the Middle East and Africa and 21% in Asia Pacific. UBS Group AG employs more than 72,000 people around the world. Its shares are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).


Volos provides financial indexes and technology for institutional investors. We specialize in indexes for options and derivatives strategies, providing transparency to this traditionally opaque asset class.