Dr. Apostolos Katsaris

Albourne Partners

Dr. Apostolos Katsaris is the Head of Dynamic Beta and the Senior Analyst for Volatility Arbitrage, Tail Risk and Stat Arb Hedge Funds at Albourne Partners, one of the world’s leading independent consultants on alternative assets. He joined Albourne in 2012, is a Partner and share option holder based in the London office. Since 2014, Apostolos has led a team of Dynamic Beta IDD Analysts, providing investment and portfolio advisory services on systematic alternative risk premia strategies. Before joining Albourne Apostolos spent seven years with Caliburn Capital Partners LLP in London, where he was the Head of Quantitative Research. Before that, he was a Lecturer in Finance at Cass Business School, City University, London, and at the ICMA Centre, The University of Reading (UK) while also working as a consultant with Schroders Investment Management Ltd. in London. He has been published in several peer reviewed journals, such as the Journal of Business and the Economic Journal.

Apostolos holds a PhD in Finance and an MSc in Finance from the ICMA Centre and an MSc and a BSc in International Economics from the Athens University of Economics and Business in Athens (Greece).