Masato Ushikubo

Societe Generale Securities Japan Ltd.

Masato Ushikubo, Director at Societe Generale Securities Japan Ltd. (SG). He is in charge of Financial Institution Solution business. He specializes in marketing/sales activities and structuring funds for wide variety of investors including institutional to mass retail. He has over 17 years of experience in funds and index related business.  In prior to joining SG last year, he was at Barclays and BNP Paribas. He started his career at BTMU in 2001.



2001年(株)東京三菱銀行(現 三菱UFJ銀行)入行。17年以上の銀行、証券会社勤務の経験。機関投資家から個人投資家向けのファンド組成に伴うソリューションを販売会社・運用会社へ提供。インデックスを投資対象とした金融商品の組成(含むデリバティブ取引)、ならびにマーケティングおよび販売をサポート。2018年よりソシエテ・ジェネラル証券勤務。